Infraless Compute Cloud

The future of software development

mist-cloud helps you build highly scalable applications without the high cost of setup, configuration, and maintenance. mist-cloud is especially suited for: * Batch processing * Processing streaming data from IoT * Applications requiring rapid scaling

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Built for modern software

Tooling has become central for building modern software. Developers have to invest a lot of time learning, configuring, and maintaining tools. They could have spent this time growing the business.

Cognitive Light

State-of-the-art tools are already integrated into the platform, so your people can focus on what really matters: your business cases.

Flexible Architecture

Our built-in architecture is event-driven which allows teams to work independently, scale rapidly, and also enables easy experimentation.

Pay as you go

We take great care to design our billing such that it is simple and encourages good practices. No technical debt due to weird billing structures.

Unlock developer potential


mist-cloud builds on tools that developers already know


In mist-cloud, apps are automatically scalable


The event-driven architecture is decoupled by nature 


Our tutorials make mist-cloud accessible to everyone 


The entire platform is designed with security at the center


Simulator allows devs to easily test and diagnose issues

Jump in and start playing around

Our offline simulator can run directly on your machine, so you can try out the system today!


Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Do I have to change my code to run on mist-cloud?

If your services already use message queues, then they can run out of the box in mist-cloud. Services using RESTful HTTP can be moved directly, but need some refactoring to fully take advantage of mist-cloud. For monoliths we recommend extracting services gradually.

How much does it cost?

Compute: €0.000058/sec Code storage: €3.1104/MB/month Artifact storage: €3.1104/MB/month

What level of assistance do you offer?

Step 1: a meeting with a refactoring guru, who helps identify the perfect candidates for migration. Step 2: we perform a migration dry run of selected components and create a migration plan. Step 3: We offer a workshop, where we train developers to become mist-cloud super users.

Why should I choose mist-cloud over other clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google?

The mist-cloud platform is maintained and configured by experts with many years of experience. This allows your team to spend their time building awesome software, instead of learning and operating infrastructure. 

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