Infraless Compute Cloud

mist-cloud eliminates the need for both physical servers and traditional cloud. Get the freedom to run your applications and services without maintaining infrastructure.

Stop worrying about expensive hardware- or cloud specialists, risky upgrades, and unexpected downtime.



Top of the line CPUs, ready to churn through your workload.


Uptime through ISAE 3402 certified data centers, and zero downtime updates.



European. Founded in Denmark. All our hardware is located in the EU.

mist-cloud makes
backend development easy

Serverless makes

scalability easy

Services are automatically started when they are needed and shut down when they are done. Therefore services can instantly scale to fit the demand perfectly, with no extra cost or maintenance.

Event architecture makes

refactoring easy

Our built-in architecture is event-driven which allows teams to work independently, splitting or merging services, and also enables easy experimentation.

Infraless makes

deployment easy

State-of-the-art tools are already integrated into the platform, so your people can focus on what really matters: your business cases. Forget about Docker, Kubernetes, and even message queues.

Pay-per-millisec makes

the bill easy

We take great care to design our billing such that it is simple and encourages good software practices. No upfront costs or long-term commitments and no technical debt due to weird billing structures.

Want to explore state-of-the-art software development practices?


mist-cloud is especially suited for

Batch processing

Processing a database nightly? Or a file every time a user uploads it?
Instead of processing tasks slowly and sequentially you can take advantage of mist-clouds scalability to speed up the process hundreds of times, at no additional cost.

Internet of Things

IoT devices are prone to connection instability causing surges of traffic. Such surges can easily congest traditional architectures and cause cascading failures through out the system. mist-cloud's event architecture prevents this, and guarantees that each evens is handled in turn.

Rapid scaling

When you don't know the full scope of a system it is safest to prepare for the most difficult possibility: Rapid scale in both demand and/or complexity. mist-cloud's strong focus on making refactoring easy means your backend can stay flexible and agile throughout its lifetime.

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