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Customers expect our applications to be available and respond quickly, all the time

mist-cloud helps you build highly scalable applications without the high cost of setup and maintenance. Customers have come to expect that applications are available and respond quickly all the time. Satisfying this expectation is difficult, especially when dealing with sudden surges of requests, therefore mist-cloud is especially suited for:  * Batch processing * Processing streaming data from IoT * Applications requiring rapid scaling Building scalable applications requires a lot of specialized tooling and is time-consuming. Because it is complicated, we end up fitting our software to our infrastructure, which wastes even more time. For most companies, this time can be better spent working on business problems. mist-cloud adapts the infrastructure to your application, meaning that you only pay for what you need. 

Under the hood (for developers)

mist-cloud enables services to communicate asynchronously via a two-tier message queue architecture. All messages enter a high-performance central message queue, called the Rapid. From the Rapid, messages can be replicated onto any number of smaller message queues, where they are processed by a number of service instances. Service instances can call external APIs, use external databases, or post new messages to the Rapid. 


The asynchrony ensures low coupling between services.

Message queues

The message queues allow massive scaling.


The services are serverless (Function-as-a-Service), so you are billed minimally.

Stop spending time on infrastructure Get more time for development