About Us

Our Team

Christian Clausen


Expert in code quality, software architecture, and DevOps culture.

Nicolaj Græsholt


Expert in security, cloud capabilities, and DevOps tooling.

Our Mission

Tooling has become central for building modern software. Developers have to invest a lot of time learning, configuring, and maintaining tools. They could have spent this time growing the business.

Our goal is to reduce this tooling overhead as much as possible. By abstracting away details, we provide easy-to-use interfaces without limiting control.

mist-cloud provides state-of-the-art tools and software architecture. Using it is the easiest way to build serverless applications. There is no steep learning curve nor frequent tool changes and maintenance.

We also take great care to align our goals with our customers' goals, so we can succeed with our customers. The cheapest way to use mist-cloud is to build software following best practices.

Our Logo

We have designed a logo that represents the product we want to be in many ways. The rainbow colors symbolize diversity and inclusion. We want everybody to have awesome software. The rainbow is also what you see if you shine light through a mist-cloud. Moving on to the shape, our logo has three elements:

The hexagon represents our platform because hexagons are the best-agons.

The brackets represent code running inside the platform.

When combined with the triangle the brackets form an M for mist-cloud.

Our Mascot

We find that we have several things in common with our mascot. Like our infrastructure, it is barely ever observed. It is also irrevocably linked to mist and fog. Finally, both it and we are proudly European. Can you guess what it is?